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Will a Roof top tent work with my vehicle?

Our car roof tents will work with most vehicles. There are just two main things to consider, outlined below.
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Our Roof top tent fit for most vehicles

Off road roof tent
Full size-SUV
SUV roof tent
  Mid-size SUV
Pick up truck roof tent
Mid-size pickup truck
roof top tent for truck
Full size pick-up truck
Trail roof top tent
Van roof tent
Van and mini van

1.The rails roof of the vehicles

(1), Vehicles have a number of different roof shapes and features built into them. Below we’ve listed the possible variations to help you understand what you’ll need to have to install a Car roof tent. 

First, your vehicle needs a rail of the roof. The most common roof rail is Flush rails and Raised Rails.

If your vehicle is bare roof , Thule racks provide the best match between

the rack and the specific vehicle, the shape of its roof and door jam, etc.


Flush Rails
Flush Rails
Raised Rails
Raised Rails

(2) Choose the crossbars

We have three crossbars that fit most of the vehicles. If our crossbars aren’t worked on your vehicles, you can find the right crossbars from other suppliers.

We have Shark’s mouth which is fit for Raised Rails.

The crocodile mouth cross bar is for Flush Rails.

The universal crossbar is fit for most Flush adn Raised Rails.

The crocodile mouth cross bar use for Flush Rails
Cross bar
The Shark's mouth cross bar use in Raised Rails
Universal cross bars

Universal Crossbar can use for Flush Rails and Raised Rails

2.Vehicle roof load limits

Crossbars are attached to the steel frame of your car, so the weight of our car roof tent is spread through the strength of the steel. It is important to check that your vehicle roof load limit is higher than the weight of the car roof tent which you’re purchasing. Most vehicles have a roof load limit of 75kgs +. The respective weights of our car top tent models:

hard shell roof top tent
HiGOS Mini


hard shell roof top tent
HiGos Plus


Weight limits explained

It is common to wonder about the added weight of people inside your car roof tent, and how this affects your roof load limit. In short, the roof load limit of your vehicle is for dynamic loads, i.e. when your vehicle is in motion. As people will only be inside your car top tent when your vehicle is stationary, the dynamic load limit is not a relevant figure. The steel frame of your vehicle, which the rooftop tent sits on, can take hundreds of kilograms of force, as it’s designed to roll in an accident.
If you are not sure about your vehicle rooftop weight limit, the best is to check with your vehicle manufacturer.
ⓘ If you are struggling to find your vehicle roof load limit, a member of our support team will be happy to help. Just get in touch.

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