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How do vehicle roof load limits work

To be honest, the Roof static load weight limit depends on your Vehicle Type, and who is the manufacturer. Our base is used ABS + Stainless steel 304 frame that can be loading weight is 300 KGS.
The car roof tent sits on the cross bars, which are fixed to the steel frame of your vehicle. The rooftop tent does not at any point sit on the actual roof of your car.
When the use the car top tents, the weight is acting on your car Frame, not on the top of your car. Most SUVs, off-road vehicles, Pick-up trucks on the rooftop can be loaded 300-400KGS. That is why we suggest our car roof tent be used in these types of vehicles.
If you are not sure about your vehicle rooftop weight limit, the best is to check with your vehicle manufacturer.
ⓘ If you are struggling to find your vehicle roof load limit, a member of our support team will be happy to help. Just get in touch.

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