What kinds of vehicles fit for our rooftop tent?

SUV roof tent
  Mid-size SUV
Off road roof tent
Full size-SUV
Pick up truck roof tent
Mid-size pick-up truck
roof top tent for truck
Full size pick-up truck
Trail roof top tent
Van roof tent
Van and mini van

Hard shell roof top tent manufacturers in China

If you looking for a roof top tent manufacturer or roof tent manufacturers, you are in the right place when you browse our website. We are a professional hard shell roof top tent manufacturer in China. Now we have developed 3 items, 4 sizes roof top tents. ABS Pop-up roof top tents, Flod-out roof top tent and clam shell roof top tent. We offer custom service according to your own design, custom roof top tent, flexiable working. Besides we will offer free Google ads service for our roof top tent dealer, Distributor, reseller.

Our developed hard shell roof top tents

HiGos Mini abs roof top tent

HiGos Plus Pop up roof top tent

HiGos Mars flod out roof top tent

HiGos Venus Clam shell roof top tent

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Our OEM, ODM Service for your roof top tents

We are a real hard shell roof top tent suppliers in China. Custom roof top tent your our Brand. We can make hard shell roof top tents according to your design, and other requirements such as material, color, size, etc.

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