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The car roof tent is the first step that we have taken together.

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We Bring safe, convenient, comfortable Car Roof tents to every customer

One Step Ahead

Why Choose us?

We believe Nature is the best gift for humans, and at the same time, Be Safe is the most important thing for us. That’s why Set up our company. We try our best to bring the best quality car roof tent to every customer.

Know us comprehensively

Who we are?

We are a Car roof tent or rooftop tent manufacturer in China. To make sure the best quality we make for our car roof tent, most of the parts are made in our factory. We have a plastic sheet factory, vacuum forming factory, tent sewing factory, and car root tent assembly plant.
We care much about quality, Our pursuit of quality is endless. Every part of the roof tent we take seriously of the quality. We believe safety is the most important thing for us. Learn more details of our car roof tent

What we do?

We offer OEM service. Our OEM service can make the rooftop tent according to the client’s requirements. Material, shape, colors, size and etc can be customized.

We sell our standard products to the terminal consumer too.

How is the car roof tent making?

car roof tent supplier
Extrusion ABS sheet
roof top tent manufacturer
car roof tent metal parts
Metal parts
roof top tent factory
Tents sewing and assemble

Roof top tent factory

Rooftop tent manufacturer

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