Car roof tent

What is the best hard roof top tents should be like?

The car roof tent is used in the car roof that safety is the most important thing we thought.

What is the best hard roof top tent that should be like?

First, we show you some details that other suppliers maybe not tell you.

What material do we use?

For the base and the top of the car roof tent, we use an ABS composite PC sheet. And we use enough material as the below pictures show.

ABS sheet thickness and the people stand on it.

For the base frame strong enough and never get rusting, we use Stainless steel 304 material and thicken Aluminum.

ABS car roof tent
ABS + Stainless steel frame

We use 8 buttons to prevent the car roof tent from opening while the car is driving.

Details of Higos rooftop tent

For the crossbar anchor-hold on the car, we use thicken metal parts to make sure it’s safe and strong enough.

The crossbar details

Roof top tent cross bar
Roof top tent cross bar details

The screw bolt and anti-separation nut.

Anti-drop screw

Suitable for 4 seasons.

Tow sides of the mattress. One side is warm, another side is ventilated.

And easy to Washable.

To protect the good shipping safe, we use Thickening and anti-deformation cartons.

The carton details.

Strong carton for car roof tent
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